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Investment: Hosted Contact Centre Service Benefits

Cloud contact centre software is significantly more versatile and less expensive than its on-premise counterpart and therefore businesses should be migrating today.

Contemporary contact centres are responsive and efficient due to browser-accessible communication platforms and synchronicity via the cloud. MaxContact's cloud-based contact and call centre software solutions are feature-rich and flexible, compared to traditional on-premises contact centre solutions. This article aims to understand why cloud-based platforms are the ideal contact centre software architecture for accomplishing agility, reducing operational costs and instant scalability.


What exactly is hosted contact centre software?


A hosted contact centre is a communications solution that is not installed on-premises. Instead, it is installed and hosted on a remote off-site server by an industry solution provider.

Cloud services and hosted services can be used interchangeably. Cloud services are a subset of hosted services. Hosted services encompass any infrastructure outside the user's physical location, including the vendor's location and the cloud. 

Cloud contact centre technology allows for the online processing of data and complete call handling algorithms. As a result, cloud contact centres are very adaptable and scalable. Cloud contact solutions are accessible by agents and managers, anywhere; work, home on the road, on any desktop or mobile device, provided an internet connection. As a result, organisations using cloud-based contact centre solutions can reduce their physical office space, computer and telephone infrastructure, saving money and time on equipment to power costs. On the ground, remote operations reduce office footprints, and due to most cloud services working on a subscription-based pricing basis, no initial capital commitment is necessary. 

The cloud provides rapid flexibility. Compared to an on-premise contact centre, a cloud contact centre allows you to scale up or down much quicker. Customers can manage multiple interaction channels via an easy-to-use management portal, converging into one solution for support and functionality.

On-premise products charge upfront licensing fees and ongoing maintenance and upgrade costs. With a hosted contact centre, you will pay a set price, per licence, per month, which will radically reduce communication costs. Additionally, removing the maintenance of on-site equipment reduces the administrative burden. You won't need to pay to call out charges for upgrades or issues that can be resolved remotely, reducing labour costs.



There are many more advantages of migrating to a cloud solution.

Here are some of the typical features of a Hosted Contact Centre Service and their practical advantages:


Implementation of IVR: Advanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology is an automated system that directs customer calls to the appropriate agents. By employing intelligent scripts, your contact centre can create greetings, build menus, and easily customise your IVR, allowing the customer to agent connections to operate more quickly. IVR systems and skills-based route functionality also pairs customers to the best-suited agents which minimises transfers and improves first contact resolution stats.


CRM integration: Customer relationship management (CRM) is how a company manages its contacts with customers by analysing vast data. Hosted call centres will link with your company's CRM solutions. As a result, agents have instant access to all customer information. CRM integration improves elasticity as you can quickly scale up and scale back down, responding to changing needs without penalty.


Secure conversations: Hosted call centres aid in the concealment of your customers' and employees' phone numbers, which guarantees communication and allows consumers and employees to connect with more confidence, boosting customer service quality.


Call recording and monitoring: Hosted call centres allow for recording and tracking, boosting quality control and reliability. By compiling your customers' requirements, cloud platforms improve reliability compared to independent implementation.


Omnichannel support: Hosted call centres enable contact over various channels, including video calls, audio calls, chat, and SMS. Through omnichannel routing, your cloud contact centre solution can route tasks from all communication channels to the most qualified available agents to expand usage needs on-demand without additional time or expense to update hardware.

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Call analytics: A cloud contact centre solution gives far more insight and analytics than its on-premise counterparts. With the proper call tracking and analytics, you can personalise your dashboards, establish KPIs and gain valuable insights into customer behaviour. Call analytics will significantly improve customer experience by allowing you to measure the value of marketing spending and compile information about call times and agent performance. 


Final thoughts 

Cloud solutions like Max Contact enable you to control your roadmap, allowing you to make the incremental updates you desire on your timetable, with no downtime or upfront cost. Cloud-based Call centre software provides the necessary features and flexibility to build the exact client experience you want. With a cloud contact centre, you may adapt your technology to match your new business objectives as they develop.

Moving from on-premises platforms to cloud solutions is the greatest way to stay up to date with industry trends and avoid falling behind the competition – especially since hosted contact centres are significantly more versatile and less expensive than their on-premise counterparts.

Give the MaxContact team a call if you're searching for a cloud call centre software to start utilising in 2022. 


Daniel Harding
Post by Daniel Harding
Daniel is the Director of MaxContact Australia. Since launching the business in Australia with its first clients in 2019, it has rapidly grown to become the solution of choice for businesses across Australia and New Zealand. Daniel has a comittment to ensuring that MaxContact Australia continues to grow whilst delivering value for all customers.