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Inbound Call Centre Software

With MaxContact’s simplified call routing application you’ll be able to design call flows that suit the needs of your business and customers


What is Call Centre Software?

Inbound call centre software plays a key role in managing and simplifying incoming customer calls within a contact centre environment. These software solutions are designed to efficiently handle large volumes of inbound calls, enhance customer service experiences, and improve operational efficiency.

Make use of our easy-to-use, graphical, IVR designer to streamline call flows, set numerous parameters and better engage customers who are reaching out to your contact centre.



Inbound call centre software plays a key role in managing and simplifying incoming customer calls within a contact centre environment. These software solutions are designed to efficiently handle large volumes of inbound calls, enhance customer service experiences, and improve operational efficiency.


Key features of inbound call centre software typically include:

  • Automatic call distribution (ACD) to send calls to the most appropriate agents
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) systems to provide self-service options for callers
  • Call recording and monitoring for quality assurance and training purposes
  • Integration with customer relationship management (CRM) systems for easy access to customer information

Additionally, advanced analytics and reporting capabilities allow managers to track key performance metrics and identify areas for improvement.

Overall, inbound call centre software allows businesses to effectively manage inbound call traffic, deliver exceptional customer service, and drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Why Invest in Call Centre Software?

Operating a Call Centre comes at a cost, but the cost can be even more significant if you invest in the wrong technology. The impact that this can have on your customers, and staff downtime, can be huge. Therefore, it is vital that you choose a proven Call Centre Software provider with clients around the Globe. 


Features of the MaxContact Call Centre Software?

Outbound Dialling, your way. Predictive, Power, Preview dialling to empower better conversations.


Omni Channel

Web chat, email, conversational SMS, WhatsApp and social media to enable customers to communicate on their channel of choice.


Feature Rich

Intelligent IVR, Reporting, Quality Assurance and Unlimited Dashboards and Wallboards for full visibilty.


Enterprise Connectivity

We partner with the best telcos to deliver enterprise-grade call quality and low-cost international call routing.

An Example of Inbound Call Centre Software

An example of an inbound call centre software is IVR (Interactive Voice Response). This is a technology that allows automated interactions with callers through voice prompts and touch-tone keypad entries.

IVR systems are designed to handle incoming calls and provide callers with self-service options to perform tasks or obtain information without the need for human intervention.


These software solutions typically include features such as:

  • Call routing: IVR systems can route incoming calls to the appropriate department or agent based on caller input or predefined rules.
  • Menu prompts: IVR systems guide callers through a series of menu options using pre-recorded voice prompts, allowing them to select the desired service or department by pressing the corresponding keys on their phone keypad.
  • Integration with databases: IVR software can integrate with databases or CRM systems to receive customer information and provide personalised service based on caller data.
  • Multilingual support: IVR systems often support multiple languages, allowing businesses to serve different customer bases effectively.
  • Call queuing: IVR software can manage call queues during high call volumes, providing callers with estimated wait times or offering callbacks when agents become available.

Overall, call centre IVR software enhances efficiency, reduces call handling times, and improves the overall customer experience by providing self-service options and automating routine tasks.

MaxContact’s drag-and-drop IVR designer has been made to simplify your call flows. The feature-rich designer allows you to quickly design, test and deploy inbound call strategies that will improve the customer journey.

Clients can make use of MaxContact’s easy-to-use, graphical, IVR designer to streamline call flows, set numerous parameters and better engage customers who are reaching out to your contact centre.

How Does the MaxContact Call Centre Software Work?

Easy sign-in

Agent logs in to the one platform and can see full visibility of their queues and SLA's.

Priority workflows

Interactions are prioritised and agents communicate with the required customers.

Keep on track of customer experience

Staff can work on the channels that suit their skills and the workload capacity can be altered by management to ensure staff are not overwhelmed.

Business clarity

Team leaders and management get full visibility of the operations and are equipped to make changes on the fly to ensure the best business outcomes.

The Benefits of Call Centre Software


Clear Visibility

Call Centre Software can amass a significant amount of data that can provide key insights into the business. We make it easy for you to view and digest this data. Real-time analytics provide valuable insights into call volume, agent productivity, and customer interactions, promoting data-driven decision-making and continuous refinement of service delivery.



Our cloud-based Call Centre Software is hosted in Microsoft Azure which provides stringent data sovereignty and scalability. Be sure to know that as large as your business grows, you’ll have the software to support you.


One System

Forget about having multiple operating systems and partners. Handle all communications in one, easy to use platform. This software incorporates interactive voice response (IVR) systems, allowing callers to self-serve and obtain information or complete tasks without the need for agent assistance.


Deliver Better Customer Experience

Enable your customers to contact you in the method they desire, and when they desire. Plus, if they switch channels, the information is there and the customer does not need to repeat themselves. IVR functionality enhances efficiency by reducing agent workload and empowering customers to resolve their queries quickly and conveniently.

Are There Any Cons of Inbound Call Centre Software?

While inbound call centre software offers a range of benefits, there are also some potential drawbacks or challenges that businesses may encounter.


1: Initial Setup and Integration

Implementing inbound call centre software may require significant upfront investment in terms of time, resources, and technology infrastructure. 

Integration with existing systems, such as CRM platforms or telephony systems, can be complex and may require expert technical support. However, there is no need to worry as we are here to provide you with the support you need.


2: Learning Curve

Adopting new software often entails a learning curve for agents and staff members who need to familiarise themselves with the features and functionality of the system.

Training and onboarding processes may be necessary to ensure that users can effectively navigate the software and maximise its capabilities. 

However, we at Max Contact offer a call centre work management system to ensure you have the correct number of users with relevant skill sets.


3: Customisation and Scalability

Some inbound call centre software solutions may have limitations in terms of customisation and scalability, particularly for businesses with unique requirements or fluctuating call volumes.

Ensuring that the software can adapt to changing needs and accommodate future growth is essential for long-term viability.


4: Maintenance and Support

Like any software solution, inbound call centre software requires ongoing maintenance, updates, and technical support to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Businesses may need to allocate resources for ongoing software maintenance and support contracts to address any issues or technical challenges that arise.


5: Customer Experience

While inbound call centre software can enhance efficiency and simplify operations, there is a risk of detracting from the overall customer experience if not implemented or configured correctly.

Poorly designed IVR systems or ineffective call routing algorithms may frustrate callers and lead to dissatisfaction with the service provided. However, with Max Contacts IVR builder system, there is no such thing as a poorly designed IVR system.

Overall, while inbound call centre software offers numerous benefits in terms of efficiency, productivity, and customer service, businesses should carefully consider potential drawbacks and challenges to ensure successful implementation and maximise the return on investment. 


However, at MaxContact, we can help you face any challenges and potential drawbacks by offering the support you need when using an inbound call centre. This way, the risk of detracting from customer experience is kept to a minimum.

Why Trust Us?

Cost-effective contact centre solutions, with superior service and support levels, is part of the MaxContact difference.


We support outbound voice, inbound voice, web chat, Email, SMS, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

It is one single sign-on for the team members. All information is available on one screen.

Yes, we work with the best telcos to provide international dialling rates. This is part of our package offering.


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