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Best Call Centre Predictive Dialler

A predictive dialler is designed to improve your outbound campaigns efficiency by effectively dialling your leads whilst screening unproductive calls such as answering machines.

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What is a Predictive Dialler?

A predictive dialler is an automated dialling tool that dials multiple leads at a time, screens the calls for unproductive tones, and passes human answered calls to the agents. The dialling technology uses algorithms to determine between productive and unproductive calls whilst working in tandem with the business and compliance needs. This increases the agents’ productivity by ensuring that they are connected to a client.  Most modern systems are cloud based predictive diallers. That is, they are securely hosted solutions that allow agents to login remotely.  

AutoDialler Diagram

1) Agents log in to their campaign and the system starts to automatically dial calls for the team.

2)The algorithm begins its work in the background and starts to predict the probability of connecting to a real person. This allows the dialler to know how many calls to place and when. 

3) Live answer calls are passed to the agents. This allows the agent to have a productive phone call rather than being met with no answer.

4) The algorithm continues to work in the background and is continually adjusting its dialling pace including when and how many leads to dial.

5) The agent has finished the previous call and completed their after-call work. They are now ready for the next call and are presented with a connected call that the dialler has ready.

This process is simple for the agents, as the work is done automatically by the dialler in the background. This ensures that the agent’s time is spent on live calls with real people.


Why Invest?

Investing in predictive dialling software has a lot of benefits that help both staff members and the business in multiple ways.

The ability to make more calls, have a greater connection rate, and full transparency of reports, all while saving money and increasing productivity.



Are Predictive Diallers Illegal?

Predictive diallers themselves are not illegal, but their use can be subject to regulations and laws depending on the jurisdiction and how they're used.
In some regions, there are strict rules regarding the use of predictive diallers, particularly concerning consumer protection and privacy laws like the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) in the United States or the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union. One common concern is the potential for predictive diallers to generate unnecessary calls or robocalls, which are often illegal and can lead to fines or legal action against the organisation using them.
However, when used responsibly and in compliance with relevant regulations, predictive diallers can be a valuable tool for businesses to efficiently manage outbound calling campaigns while respecting customer rights. It's essential for businesses to familiarise themselves with the legal requirements of predictive dialling so they can ensure compliance, such as maintaining accurate contact lists, obtaining consent where necessary, and providing opt-out mechanisms for recipients.

What are the features of a Predictive Dialler?


Faster Dialling

A Predictive dialler makes the calls for you, so reduces the need for manual dialling and the downtime that comes with it. Based on the parameters set, it will work out who needs to be called and then schedule in a call back when the time comes.


Back-To-Back calls

Being a predictive dialler, the calls do come through quicker so the downtime between calls is reduced, also resulting in higher staff productivity. You can set a fetch amount of calls that the system has ready to dial so you can slow the numbers or calls down, or speed up as and when required.


Large Data Lists

Being able to make more calls helps with getting through bigger lists quicker. The more staff members you have on at one time, the system will recognise this and ensure that the lists are called in the most productive way.


Voicemail Detection

With Voicemail detection turned on, only live calls will be placed to your staff. This will help with productivity and efficiency.


What is the Difference Between a Predictive And Progressive Dialler?

Predictive and progressive diallers are both tools used in outbound call centres to simplify and optimise the calling process, but they operate differently and serve distinct purposes. A predictive dialler is designed to maximise agent efficiency by automatically dialling multiple numbers simultaneously based on algorithms predicting agent availability and call connection times.
It uses complex algorithms to anticipate when agents will become available and when calls will be answered, aiming to minimise the time between calls. Predictive diallers are ideal for large-scale campaigns where high call volume is essential, as they can significantly increase the number of calls made per hour.
However, they can sometimes lead to abandoned calls or dropped connections if the algorithm misjudges call timing. On the other hand, a progressive dialer dials one number at a time for each available agent, waiting for the agent to finish their current call before initiating the next one. Unlike predictive diallers, progressive diallers ensure that agents are never overwhelmed with multiple calls simultaneously.
While this approach may result in slightly lower call volumes compared to predictive diallers, it reduces the risk of abandoned calls and provides a more controlled and manageable workflow for agents. Progressive diallers are particularly suitable for organisations that prioritise quality customer interactions over sheer call volume.
In summary, the primary difference between predictive and progressive diallers lies in their approach to managing call volume and agent workload, with predictive diallers aiming for maximum efficiency through simultaneous dialling and progressive diallers focusing on a more controlled approach.

The Benefits of a Predictive Dialler


Increase Productivity

Minimising the downtime between calls will help increase call volumes and connection rates. The system will only feed the live calls through and allow staff to maximise their time.


Get through lists quicker

When you are running a large campaign, you can get through lists quicker as it can dial more people at one time.


Increased Connection Rate

With the system dialling automatically, your team will only ever receive the live calls meaning their connection rates will increase.

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Cost-effective contact centre solutions, with superior service and support levels, is part of the MaxContact difference. 

With an Australian-based support team that goes above and beyond, you'll be sure we've got your back every step of the way. 

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Potentially. Our team have done many integrations with custom software. The first stage is to start a conversation to see what can be achieved.

All of our integration work is carried out by our in-house development team.

Yes, predictive diallers are legal. There use is governed by strict regulations by governing bodies such as ACMA (in Australia). MaxContact is designed with compliance as a key component.

Auto dialler refers to the general term of Automatic Dialling; that being the automatic placement of outbound phone calls. This term covers all types of Automatic Dialling; Predictive, Progressive/Power, and Preview Dialling. In contrast, Predictive Dialling is specific to the unique dialling type of predictive. This is the fastest mode of dialling out of all of the auto dialling modes.

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