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VOIP Phone Dialler

Take advantage of using a VOIP phone dialler and connect with more customers in an efficient manner.

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What is a VOIP Phone Dialler?

VOIP stands for “Voice Over Internet Protocol” and allows you to make calls over the Internet. Coupled with a dialler, this means that you can efficiently dial large volumes of leads via VOIP.

VoIP phone systems are often used by businesses as they can provide cost savings through reduced long-distance charges and international calling costs, as well as a wide range of advanced features such as call forwarding, voicemail, and call conferencing. Some VoIP phone systems are cloud-based, which can allow for easy scaling and administration of the phone system and can be accessible from any device with internet connectivity.

Why Invest in a VOIP Phone Dialler?

Investing in a VOIP Phone Dialler is a very wise choice for many businesses. If you are currently using a traditional on-site dialler, or a dialler that is configured with an on-site PBX, then you are limiting your business and likely spending more money in the process.

A VOIP Phone Dialler gives greater accessibility, scalability and modern workflows for a lower cost than traditional systems.

What do you get with a VOIP Dialler?


Auto Dialler

A VOIP Phone Dialler from MaxContact gives you the benefit of multiple dialling modes in one. Seamlessly switch between Predictive, Power and Preview dialling.


Live Data Filtering

Target the data that you want to. The Custom Data Fetching tool will allow you to select the parameters of leads that you want to call and will purely focus on these, giving you a truly targeted approach and better ROI on your data. 


Compliant Dialling

There is a balance between high volume dialling and doing it in a compliant way. Luckily, with MaxContact, you can boost your agent’s productivity whilst keeping dropped calls at zero.


Equip Your Team Members

You get one chance at a positive first impression. Give your team the tools they need with dynamic scripting to present the business case and capture the required data.

How Does A VOIP Phone Dialler Work?

Team Members log in to MaxContact from any location.

Once connected and in a campaign, they are ready to go!

The VOIP Phone Dialler will begin working by setting up calls to be dialled. This involves dialling multiple numbers at once and only connecting the team member with a customer.

Non-Contacts (answering machines, no answers, disconnected numbers) will not be presented to a team member.



Increase Team Productivity

The dialler will work through the non-productive calls and only pass on live calls to staff. This means that staff members are not wasting their time on no answers, answering machines or disconnected numbers.


Remote Working

A VOIP Phone Dialler will allow your staff to access from anywhere. Empower your staff to work from anywhere whilst enjoying the benefits of an enterprise dialler.


Low Call Costs

Enjoy low call costs with a VOIP Phone Dialler, including local call rates for International Dialling.

Why Trust Us

Cost-effective contact centre solutions, with superior service and support levels, is part of the MaxContact difference.


A VoIP phone is a phone that uses the internet to make and receive calls, rather than using a traditional telephone line.

A VoIP phone converts the audio of a phone call into digital data, which is then transmitted over the internet. On the receiving end, the data is converted back into audio, so the call can be heard.

VoIP phones offer a number of benefits, such as lower cost, increased flexibility, and the ability to make and receive calls from anywhere with an internet connection.

It depends on the phone and the VoIP service. Some VoIP services require specific VoIP phones, while others can work with a standard telephone connected to an adapter.

Yes, internet connection is required for VoIP phone to work, since the call audio is converted into digital data and transmitted over the internet.

The call quality of a VoIP phone can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the quality of the internet connection and the device you're using. However, many people find that the call quality of a VoIP phone is comparable to that of a traditional landline phone.

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