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Daniel Harding


Daniel Harding - Author

Daniel is the Director at MaxContact Australia and has worked to establish the business as a serious player in the Australian and New Zealand markets. Since launching with the first clients in 2019, the business has grown to cover industry verticals such as Customer Service, Fundraising, Sales, Debt-Collections, BPO’s, healthcare and many more. 

Daniel originally came from an engineering background, and this has led him to be analytical and thoughtful when it comes to delivering customer solutions. Rather than the traditional sales approach, Daniel investigates what can be achieved by reviewing figures, information and making decisions based on this evidence. This has led him to winning the trust of customers who know that he will be putting their best interest at heart, rather than pushing an agenda or feature. 

In more recent years, Daniel has been a regular speaker and author at the industry leading Best Practice Report which is hosted annually by Smaart Recruitment. Daniel’s topic, Remote Working and Working from Home, has seen him deliver key finding speeches to thousands of attendees across the major cities in Australia.  

Furthermore, Daniel is an AXCPA Queensland Board Member. This role sees him working alongside other industry experts to grow the Australian Customer Experience Professionals Association.  

Daniel’s passion comes from enabling others to get to their best potential by utilising the tools and skills available. He enjoys solid working relationships with all customers and takes the most satisfaction in seeing their businesses grow thanks to the partnership with MaxContact Australia.  

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Daniel Harding


 You can read more about Daniel here.