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Enterprise Call Centre

Scale your teams and provide enterprise call centre software to drive customer and employee experience.

What is an Enterprise Call Centre?

An enterprise call centre is a call centre that is designed to handle large volumes of incoming and outgoing phone calls, emails, chat messages, and other communication channels from customers. It’s a critical component of customer experience for so many businesses and organisations, especially those with large customer bases or complex products or services.

Enterprise call centres typically use advanced technology and software to manage and track customer interactions, provide routing and queuing services, and optimise workforce scheduling and performance. They may also use various tools and techniques to monitor and analyse customer feedback and behaviour, and to provide personalised service and support to customers based on their specific needs and preferences.

Why Invest In Enterprise Call Centre Software?

Brands are fighting for position in their marketplace and winning customers is a challenge. Once customers are onboard you must ensure that you are delivering a service that they are proud of and enable them to have the best customer experience possible. Investing in the appropriate software will ensure that you are equipped for this.

Features Enterprise Features for your Contact Centre



Security is paramount for an Enterprise Contact Centre. Hosted locally in Microsoft Azure, and with security at the forefront of everything we do, you can ensure you are operating a secure and compliant system.


True Omni-channel

A single pane of glass view of all customer interactions and journeys all within the same portal. Voice, SMS, WebChat, Email, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger is all available within the same platform.


Workforce Management

Accurately forecast your staffing requirements to keep staff and customers happy.



Comprehensive data and reporting to understand all key metrics in your contact centre. Spot big data trends and act on them.

How It Works

Scalable and secure server is brought online in Microsoft Azure.

Team members can securely access the platform from their location.

All customer interactions are fed into the platform, allowing team members to see everything in a single view.

Team members can switch interaction and seamlessly move the interaction between channels as required.

Benefits of having Enterprise Call Centre Software


Provide a modern journey

Customers have become accustomed to contacting a business via their preferred channel. A modern platform allows you to scale channels within a single platform.


Stability and Scalability

Provide your business with a scalable platform that can grow as your business and requirements do, all whilst being stable with 99.999% uptime.


AI Analytics

Equip your QA team with AI Speech Analytics to screen 100% of calls and drive compliance. Real time prompts will guide your agents through the call to empower better conversations.


Future Proofed

Within an aggressive roadmap and a frequent upgrade process you can be ensured that you are bringing the best of modern technology to your business.

Why Trust Us

Cost-effective contact centre solutions, with superior service and support levels, is part of the MaxContact difference. We work with many enterprise companies that have seen the benefits of using our platform. Check out our Case Study on one of our enterprise customers. 


We take security and compliance serious and is at the forefront of everything that we do. You can find out more on our security page by Clicking Here.

Yes, MaxContact allows users to work from anywhere.

No, MaxContact is completely scalable and can grow as large as your business does.

We have multiple enterprise customers that are in the Fundraising Industry, BPO and many other industries. Check out our Case Study page to see how using MaxContact has benefitted them.