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Simple IVR Automation

With MaxContact’s Self-Service IVR automation you enhance the chances of making that all-important positive first impression with your customer.

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Call centre IVR automation tool

MaxContact can allow your call centre to be available 24/7, without the additional cost of extra labour, with self-service Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

This allows customers to serve themselves, utilising IVR to perform simple tasks whenever they choose, which has the benefit of increasing customer satisfaction and allowing agents to focus on the more complex calls.

There are so many features that are included within the IVR Builder including:

  • ID Verification 
  • First Contact Resolution
  • Agent Alerts
  • Self Serve DNC
  • Text to Speech
  • Voice Messaging 

Leaving a lasting positive impression around-the-clock

Call centre IVR is often the first experience that your current, and potential, customers have when interacting with your company. Delivering a solid first impression can be key to winning the business and providing quality CX going forward. MaxContact’s IVR automation will enable customers to serve themselves, such as providing updated meter readings, while also allowing your contact centre to be 24/7 – without additional cost.

Reduction in repeat contacts
Improvement in First Contact Resolution
Improvement in C-SAT

What Are the Main Types of IVR Automation Systems in a Call Centre?


In call centres, there are primarily two main types of IVR automation systems:

1. Touch-Tone IVR Systems

This type of IVR system uses touch-tone input from callers via their telephone keypad to navigate through menu options and select the appropriate actions or departments. Callers listen to recorded voice prompts and then respond by pressing the corresponding keys on their phone keypad. For example, "Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Support."


2. Speech Recognition IVR Systems

Speech recognition IVR systems utilise advanced technology to understand and interpret spoken language from callers. Instead of navigating through menu options using touch-tone input, callers can speak their responses to the IVR system.

This type of IVR system allows for more natural and intuitive interactions with callers and can handle more complex inquiries. For example, "Please say 'Sales' or 'Support'." These IVR systems can be further customised and integrated with other technologies to provide a seamless customer experience and improve call centre efficiency.

Call centre IVR automation features you will love


ID verification

Increase CX by allowing customers to complete ID verification checks via the IVR, meaning that when the customer is connected to an agent they can handle the query immediately and compliantly. 


First contact resolution

Self-service will assist in using the captured information to guide the agent’s call to the correct department, and correctly skilled advisor, which therefore increases first contact resolution, improves CX and decreases costs.


Agent alerts

Alert agents to when thresholds are being approached so that they can act appropriately to ensure an efficient response. 


Self-serve DNC

Allow customers to automatically opt out from outreach by adding them selves to the do not call list. This protects your brand and ensures that resources are not being wasted on customers that are not interested.


Text to speech

Quickly add announcements to the IVR or read back information such as product and service information by utilising text to speech. 


Voice messaging

Use interactive voice messaging to supplement outbound dialling campaigns. This can be used in conjunction with text to speech, to deliver bespoke messaging and reminders to your clients – for example payment or booking reminders.

Is IVR Automation Reliable?

IVR automation can be reliable when used effectively. However, its reliability depends on various factors, including the design of the IVR system, the quality of the technology used, and how well it works with other systems and processes in the call centre.

Here are some factors that contribute to the reliability of IVR automation:

1: System Design

A well-designed IVR system with clear menu options, natural language processing capabilities, and efficient call routing can improve reliability. It should be user-friendly and able to handle a wide range of caller inquiries effectively.


2: Technology Quality

The quality of the IVR technology, such as speech recognition software, voice synthesis, and hardware infrastructure, influences the reliability of IVR automation. High-quality components and robust algorithms can improve accuracy and minimise errors.


3: Testing and Optimisation

Thorough testing and ongoing optimisation are essential to identify and address any issues in the IVR system. Regular monitoring and updates help maintain reliability and performance over time.


4: Integration with Human Agents

IVR automation should integrate with human agents when necessary. Having options for callers to speak to a live agent or providing callbacks from agents can improve reliability by ensuring that complex or sensitive issues are handled appropriately.


5: Customer Feedback and Adaptation

Gathering feedback from customers and monitoring interaction data can help identify areas for improvement and adapt the IVR system accordingly. Continuous refinement based on customer preferences and behaviour enhances reliability and customer satisfaction. Overall, when implemented and maintained effectively, IVR automation can be a reliable tool for improving call centre efficiency, reducing wait times, and enhancing the customer experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is IVR Call Centre Software?

IVR call centre software is a feature that allows the contact centre to handle and route inbound calls in an efficient manner. This can be done by designing the customer journey from the moment that they call your business, right the way through to the end of the itneraction.

How Can IVR Systems Improve Call Centre Efficiency?

IVR systems can be used to design the call flow for an inbound call to ensure that they are handled in the most efficient way. This can be done by routing to available agents, announcing wait times, offering self service options, and offering auto call backs so that customers get a call back once they are at the front of the queue.

What Industries Can Benefit from IVR Solutions?

Any industry that handles inbound customer calls can benefit from having an IVR solution. This can be; customer service teams, ticketing teams, sales teams, debt collection teams and much more.  If you are serious about improving the inbound customer journey then an IVR can help your business.

Are IVR Systems Customizable to Suit Unique Business Needs?

Yes. MaxContact's IVR designer is a drag and drop process. This means that if you can draw your ideal customer flow, we can build it. All IVRs are unique to suit your specific business needs.

What Are the Key Features to Look for in IVR Call Center Software?

Key features to look for are;

- A simple to use design tool

- A system that allows you to make the changes in real time with out the need for external work.

- Text to Speech

- Queue announcements

- Automated call back features.

What else do we offer?

Other Solutions Available

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