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Contact Centre Quality Assurance

Understand behaviours, improve Interactions

When you understand agent behaviour, you can improve agent interactions. MaxContact’s quality assurance tools will allow you to do just that.

Using today’s measurements to improve tomorrow’s interactions

With every call recording, or interaction, saved on MaxContact you have the ability to review agent behaviours, train and improve on them for future interactions.

Using MaxContact’s Coaching & Monitoring tool will allow team leaders to listen in to agents’ calls, live from anywhere in the world. Leaders can monitor, coach the agent or join the conversation as a third party to guide the agent through the call.


Call recording storage

MaxContact doesn’t believe in limits – including limiting call recordings. With 100% call recording storage safely in Microsoft Azure for the life of the partnership, for no extra cost, you can be sure any particular recording is available when you need it.

Features you will love


Quality assurance notes

Rank various parts of a call recording, apply notes and get an average score for the call, allowing trainers to give feedback and improve call centre performance.


Filtered searches

Drill down and easily find the call recording you need with advanced filter searches. High volumes of call recordings can be difficult to manage, but not with MaxContact.


Target visibility

Set key targets which can be quickly highlighted on dashboards with MaxContact’s red, amber and green indicators.


Dispute Resolution

Disputes can occur in contact centres but with 100% call recording and advanced filters, you can quickly find the related call, listen and advise on the appropriate outcome.

Does your Contact Centre Platform measure up?

MaxContact is the ultimate Call Centre Software built entirely around your business's individual needs.

Whether it’s outbound, inbound, blended, Omni, or a mix of them all, you can manage multiple interaction channels via an easy-to-use management portal – all converged in one solution.


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