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10 Advantages of Outbound Predictive Diallers in Your Call Centre

Why have outbound diallers become so crucial to modern call centres and why would it be beneficial for your business to use a predictive dialler as soon as possible?

Call centres may use predictive outbound dialler technology to enhance sales, cut expenses, and efficiently expand to meet company demands and keep up with competitors.

An Outbound Dialler: What Is It?

An outbound dialer is any form of technology that allows your contact centre personnel to make outgoing calls. Outbound dialling solutions assist your agents in expediting and automating outbound calls, hence enhancing efficiency and production. 

Predictive outbound dialers are among the most powerful technologies available for today's contact centres. 

Predictive systems sift through the vast list of calls call centres frequently have and automatically connect agents. Outbound diallers save agents considerable time calling numbers and the trouble of looking for contacts individually from lists, so all they need to do is be ready to speak with the person on the other end of the call. 

Automating outbound dialling maximises contact rates while minimising agent downtime.

However, that's not the only benefit of using predictive dialer technology. Here are the top 10 ways it can improve your call centre operations. 


The 10 Advantages Of Using An Outbound Predictive Dialer For Your Business

  • Enhanced Agent Efficiency 

A predictive dialer increases the efficiency of your contact centre's agents by avoiding repeated work. 

Without a predictive dialer, your workers will spend unnecessary time looking up phone numbers, calling numbers, and reviewing information about their prospects to pitch to potential clients. 

Each of these actions takes only a few minutes. They will, however, add up to hours of lost productivity over a day. A predictive dialer automatically accesses and dials numbers. As a result, your personnel will be more efficient and can focus on converting leads.

  • Lowering of Operational Costs 

Operating a call centre without contemporary software is very expensive. Maintaining legacy infrastructure, landlines, and a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system costs money and lacks structure and cohesion.

With contact rate laws in place, the only option to reach a significant number of consumers is to hire additional sales agents, which very few call centres can afford. 

Therefore the best call centre upgrade you can make is to convert to a cloud-based predictive dialer. As previously discussed, it considerably increases efficiency, which significantly decreases expenses. Similarly, less manual entry, human error, and downtime equal more savings. The administrative costs of maintaining traditional, on-premises hardware are too costly, especially when software-based alternatives are so effective.



  • Improved Compliance

Another clear advantage is compliance. A fine is one of the most expensive expenses a company may face when an agent mistakenly violates consumer protection laws. You may use an automated predictive dialer tool to cross-reference do-not-call (DNC) lists and apply custom filters to stay updated with complicated and changing rules.

  • Increased Sales

One of the most significant advantages of using a predictive outbound dialer for your business is that it can help you make more sales. The number one responsibility for all contact centre employees and management is to meet sales targets. However, meeting such quotas can be difficult when businesses use out-of-date equipment. Dialling speeds and lines are limited, and manually keying sequences heightens the odds of making a mistake. Since outbound dialers improve speed, volume and accuracy, they have been shown to improve sales and conversions by 300%.

  • Intelligent Call Assignment 

Intelligent call assignment improves the productivity and conversion rates of your contact centre. 

If you print lead sheets, your employees may receive duplicate numbers. Repeated calls raise the likelihood of annoying potential customers, which lowers sales. Intelligent call assignment eliminates the guesswork. All numbers you want your agents to call each day are accessible to the predictive dialer. As agents finish a call, the dialer deletes the number from the lead sheet for that day, preventing duplicate calls. 

A predictive dialer's intelligent call assignment function goes a step further by contacting leads before your representative even answers the phone. The program monitors your agents to detect when they are nearing the end of a call. The predictive dialer then calls the next lead on the list. As a result, the call is ready to go when your representative hangs up.



  • Scalability

It's hard to discuss cloud computing without mentioning scalability. Organisations transfer their data to cloud-native platforms across all industries, giving them the agility and flexibility to modify operations based on their objectives, capabilities, and resources. This is especially important for contact centres, which routinely need to increase or decrease agent capacity on short notice. 

The capacity to simplify procedures is equally vital. Having a complete contact centre technology stack, which includes both a web-based predictive dialer and a built-in CRM, eliminates the need for your agents and management to navigate various tools, platforms, and systems. 

  • Analyse call data for insights

A predictive dialer allows you to produce a wide range of reports using real-time data interfaces. Through real-time reporting, you can monitor call centre activity and agent productivity. You may measure customer service quality and agent abilities in addition to reviewing recorded and live calls. 

Furthermore, auto-dialers streamline your call centre operations by making the appropriate judgments when necessary. You can create and review campaign reports without putting in additional time or effort. You may evaluate the business effectiveness of different campaigns by consulting the most recent dialer reports, which include evaluations of specific criteria and goal considerations.

  • Improved Customer Service

Another advantage of using an outbound predictive dialer for your call centre is significantly improving customer service. Predictive dialers prevent two agents from calling clients simultaneously, calls going unreturned and allow callers to schedule their calls at convenient times. The entire automation of your system will increase customer satisfaction, and loyalty as predictive dialers handle the highest amount of calls without the possibility of human error.

Similarly, predictive dialer prompt services increase customer service and profitability. Long holds inevitably create a negative image for businesses. With an outbound predictive dialer, your customers can speak with someone credible to address their concerns in a matter of seconds. 



  • Lead management that is more powerful and intelligent 

Outbound diallers increase the flow of leads to your company and organise the data, customer history, and contact information in one place via lead management software. The program estimates prime call periods and filters out "do not call" numbers, fax lines, or answering machines to enable direct access to the most vital leads. The system automatically records every call activity straight into the CRM for better lead management and delivering critical real-time data and KPIs for better sales and marketing operations.

  • Execute Blended Campaigns 

This contact centre dialer technology can help call centres handle both outbound sales and inbound customer support. A predictive dialer and an automated call distribution system can function together to assign calls to available agents. If no agents are available, the integrated system can keep callers on hold and take a message from them. After that, an agent can contact the customer and offer the desired service. Similarly, a virtual queue service allows callers to hold their position in the queue and receive an automated call back from the next available agent, improving customer satisfaction and overall contact centre efficiency.

Final Thoughts

There are many advantages of using an Outbound Predictive Dialler in your call centre. Integrating this system will boost the efficiency of your business by increasing client retention, sales conversions and productivity.

MaxContact's unique predictive dialling technology dials multiple simultaneous lines to maximise productivity, passing the agent the next call when they are ready. Combined with a 'Dropless' algorithm, this will allow you to run blended campaigns while also keeping the drop rate as close to 0% as possible. Get this dialling system and see your call centre scale new heights.

If you'd like to learn more about MaxContacts outbound predictive dialler, request a demo with our team today.



Daniel Harding
Post by Daniel Harding
Daniel is the Director of MaxContact Australia. Since launching the business in Australia with its first clients in 2019, it has rapidly grown to become the solution of choice for businesses across Australia and New Zealand. Daniel has a comittment to ensuring that MaxContact Australia continues to grow whilst delivering value for all customers.