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Q1 Road Map 2023

Last Quarter

New Functionality

Multi Factor Authentication

Multi factor authentication (MFA) means your users are prompted during the sign-in process for a code in an authenticator app. This layered security reduces the risk of your user's credentials being hacked or misused.


Email Interaction Subfolders

This new feature allows users to enable emails to be pulled from an alternative location. The source location can be either an inbox sub-folder or an alternative top-level folder.


Increased Email Body Content Pulling

Users are able to see and respond to the full email chain within the MaxContact platform. Historically only the most recent part of an email thread was pulled in, however full visibility is now available.


Email HTML

Emails when pulled into the platform will now be in HTML format. Plain text format will only be shown if there is no HTML format available.

Outbound & Inbound Voice

Virtual Queue

We have made improvements to the queue settings for virtual queues. Now you can configure how long callback requests should last in your platform before they expire.


All of our reports have now had a fresh lick of paint and have been refreshed to help you obtain key insight.


Manual Dialling

When a call-back has been set on a lead but a manual dial to the record happens before the callback, we previously removed the callback based on the phone number. It now removes callbacks based on the record you selected, ensuring that only specific callbacks are deleted.

Additional Queue Options

There are now three new settings to your queue configuration options that allow you to have greater control around how leads are matched to calls.


We have added some performance improvements to how we handle webchats that have been left open during the switch to 'out of hours' to ensure a great customer experience is delivered.


Improvements have been made to how new interactions are allocated to users so that they are assigned evenly. Various defects were resolved too.

UI & Admin

UI Page Updates

- Report Viewer - We’ve upgraded the report viewer to improve the overall UI and functionality. We also grouped all reports for easier access and visibility.

- Inbound Numbers - Some improvements have been made to inbound numbers page, specifically how you set up and configure emergency routes to make the overall process much smoother.


*NEW* Wellbeing Card Analysis

*NEW* Wellbeing Overview

*NEW* Customer Satisfaction By Queue

*NEW* Customer Satisfaction By User


This Quarter

Outbound & Inbound Voice

Dynamic Nail-up

Dynamic nail-up will allow users to handle inbound voice interactions with more flexibility.

Users will no longer need to be permanently nailed up which currently makes them automatically receive inbound calls when they may not be in a position to do so. The power will be given to users and they will be able to opt to reject or accept an incoming offered call.

This will allow greater flexibility, for example, back-office staff can avoid context-switching when they are in the middle of a focus activity, without having to remember to go into specific break types or log out of campaigns.


Enhanced Call Recording Options

We are adding more functionality to ensure that any sensitive calls are not recorded and you are not relying upon manual effort from users. Admins are able to:

- Configure whether calls are recorded or not at all

- Set whether calls from particular inbound numbers are recorded

- Decide if calls routed to particular queues are recorded.

This will provide greater flexibility and control over call recordings - these new settings will also ensure that users of the platform are not able to override them in error when handling interactions.

Enhanced Call Recording Encryption

We are enhancing our call encryption and adding improved access functionality which will give you greater control over who can listen to call recordings and live calls: with password prompts and a new access control area.

By encrypting your call recordings, only approved users will be able to bypass the secure data layer, this is adding an extra layer of security to your conversations and preventing unauthorised users from accessing, what could be, extremely sensitive information.

Script without a call

At the moment, users are only able to see a script when an interaction was assigned to them. We're working on the ability to create new records without needing to take a call or log an interaction to do so. This will grant back-office staff (and any other users with the appropriate permissions) access to records for non-customer activities like refunds, corrections and so on.


We're continuing to work on improvements to our reporting suite, with ongoing groundwork ensuring that the foundations are in place to deliver enhancements as we continue into 2023.

Tagging Improvements

Last quarter we improved the tagging category feature, and we will continue to make enhancements to the tagging feature this quarter: giving additional flexibility to how you manage your data.



Import DNC

We'll be making some design improvements to the 'Import Do Not Contact' area of our product which will help streamline your workflow and make the overall process of importing contacts you do not wish to be contacted a lot easier.

Campaign Manager

With our continued rebrand of our product, we'll be working on giving the campaign manager a much-needed face-lift: updating the branding as well as some functionality updates to help make the campaign manager easier to use with clearer visibility, and enhanced sorting options.


Delayed or Blocked Items

The below items have either been blocked or delayed. These were started last quarter, but now need additional work to unblock and progress them. This is likely to be in Q2’23.


Promised Callbacks

We have been working on adding an additional callback feature that will allow users to schedule a call back, that can be picked up by any user at the specified time.