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MaxContact boasts over 100 features that fall under 14 core components of the system. Find out how they can help support you and your business. 



Preview Dialler

Preview calls allow your staff to view lead information prior to a call being placed by the system. Ensure your staff are fully prepared to best serve your customers on the call.


Progressive Dialler

Progressive 'Undropable' Dialling - Automatic dialling done at a 1:1 ratio, with a blended campaign, meaning agents can take inbound calls without the worry of calls being dropped.

Predictive Dialling

Predictive Dialler

Our own Predictive Dialler algorithm starts dialling multiple simultaneous lines to maximise productivity, passing the agent the next call the moment they are ready. 

VOIP Dialler - Solutions Page

VOIP Dialler

Voice Over Internet Protocol - aka VOIP - allows you to make calls over the internet. Couple this with a dialler, easily allows you to make large volumes of calls via VOIP.


"The people at Max Contact have been excellent to work with and they are very knowledgeable. Their call centre solutions have exceeded all of our expectations and continues to do so with the regular updates and value adds. Having worked with a number of call centre solutions over the years I can honestly say that I would recommend Max Contact to any organisation, large or small."

Markus Pedersen
Surge Direct

Inbound Calling


Set up your Inbound calling plan to allow customers to call into your business through a specific campaign. They can be stand alone inbound campaigns or part of blended campaigns. 

OMNI Channel

Omni Channel

Engage with your customers through the channel that best suits them. Currently built into the system and in addition to inbound/outbound calling is  WebChat, Email, SMS, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.



MaxContact’s advanced scripting tool makes it easy to guide your agents through calls, gathering the all relevant information, ensuring five-star customer service and always arriving at the best outcome.

IVR Automation

IVR Automation

Set up unlimited IVR routes to better serve your customers. Through the IVR you have the ability to take payments, create blackout days, offer a golden ticket and allow customers to leave voicemails. 

Workforce Management

Workforce Management

Understanding work schedules, reaching KPIs and keeping everyone happy can be a difficult task, but MaxContact’s Workforce Management platform is here to help.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics

Contact Centres operate at an extremely fast pace and for that reason, it’s important that different levels of the business – from management down to agent – can see real-time data relevant to their role.

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Quality Assurance - Solutions Page

Quality Assurance

When you understand agent behaviour, you can improve agent interactions. MaxContact’s quality assurance tools will allow you to do just that.

Speech Analytics - Solutions Page

Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics - Monitor, analyse and provide feedback on interactions to increase productivity, quality assurance and compliance.  



Flexible contact centre software configuration. With MaxContact you’ll get your own system to design around your unique business needs. Find out how we can best help your business. 

Integrations  - Solutions Page


Integrations play a huge part when running a business. Integrating with WorkForce Management platforms, data providers or something else, MaxContact can help stream-line your processes. 

What else do we offer?

Other Solutions Available

Check out what other solutions are available within MaxContact and how they can help grow your business.

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MaxContact is the ultimate Call Centre Software built entirely around your business's individual needs.

Whether it’s outbound, inbound, blended, Omni, or a mix of them all, you can manage multiple interaction channels via an easy-to-use management portal – all converged in one solution.


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