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Effective call centre scripts to guide agents

MaxContact’s advanced scripting tool makes it easier to guide your agents through calls, gathering the correct information, ensuring five-star customer service and arriving at the best outcome for the client.

Using validations and branch logic allows you to tailor scripts that truly suit your business ethos, guides agents through objections and ultimately increase successful calls.

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Customised Validations

Tired of missed information? MaxContact’s complete validations will ensure your agents are capturing all the important data you require, which streamlines the processing of the all-important sales.

Historical Edits

MaxContact’s scripting tool saves every version of the script. If you make a change, and don’t like it, you can quickly revert back to an older version and implement the change live – without disrupting the call centre.

Features you will love


In-built calculator

MaxContact’s enables you to make complex calculations and use the answers – combined with customised validation – to determine the next step of the call.


Call recordings

Simplified scripting buttons will allow agents to pause/resume call recordings, or you can design the script to pause on page load, taking the way the need for agents to do it manually.


JavaScript customisations

Insert your own JS code into the script to apply a feature you want.

Email and SMS

MaxContact’s scripting tool will allow you to update customers with the result of the call by sending smart, templated SMS or emails that will capture the key information you want from the call.


External integration

MaxContact’s scripting tool can be integrated with external systems to pass and feed data back and forth.


Embedded web pages

Embed CRM, or another external web page, within MaxContact and use URL query parser to move information from the script, back to the web page.


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