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What is a Predictive Dialler?

Call centres are important in today’s business world. They manage customer interactions and help accelerate business growth. Companies are using advanced technologies like predictive dialer software and progressive dialer software to improve call centre operations. In this blog, we will discuss what predictive dialling is, how a predictive dialer works, and we will look at the benefits of using a predictive dialer.

What is a Predictive Dialler?

A predictive dialler system is a tool that assists call centres in making more calls and connecting with more customers. Predictive diallers accomplish this by dialling multiple phone numbers at the same time, then screening for unproductive calls, and finally routing calls that have been answered to the call centre agents. Predictive diallers can boost call centre productivity by up to 80%.


Predictive diallers use algorithms to determine when an agent is available to take a call. The algorithm takes into account how long a call takes on average, how many agents are currently on the phone, and how many calls are queued. Once the predictive dialler predicts when the next agent will be available, the next number in the queue will be dialled. If the call is answered, it will connect to the first available agent, if the call is not answered, it will either hang up or leave a voicemail.


Predictive diallers offer benefits for call centres of all sizes. They can be especially useful for call centres with high call volumes or that need to scale their operations quickly. Overall, predictive diallers help call centres to improve efficiency and effectiveness, which leads to greater customer service.

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What Does a Predictive Dialler Do?

Predictive diallers can help businesses improve call centre performance. These include:

  • Increase agent productivity: To help agents make more calls per hour, predictive diallers automatically dial the number and engage the agent when it is available, therefore increasing productivity. Agents can place more focus on customers, not having to spend time calling numbers and performing other administrative tasks.
  • Reduce abandoned calls: To reduce the number of disconnected calls, predictive diallers can quickly connect calls with agents.
  • To improve customer satisfaction: Call predictors can improve customer satisfaction by quickly connecting customers with an agent. This can help reduce customer frustration and improve the overall customer experience.
  • Collect more data: Forecasters can collect more information about call centre operations such as call duration, dropped calls, and customer satisfaction levels. Collecting more data can improve call centre effectiveness. This data can help call centres to be more efficient and make smarter business choices.

What is the difference between a Predictive Dialler and Progressive Dialler?

Predictive diallers and progressive diallers are two types of call centre software used to automate outbound calls. The ideal dialer depends on factors like call centre size, call volume, and desired customer service level.


Predictive diallers dial from a list of numbers, connecting calls to available agents and continuously dialling until an agent is free. They boost agent productivity but can increase abandoned calls. Predictive dialers are suitable for high-volume call centres, increasing productivity and reaching more customers.


Progressive/Power diallers dial one number at a time and move to the next when an agent answers. Although they dial less volume than predictive diallers they still have the benefit of increasing productivity and also reduce abandoned calls. Progressive/Power dialers are better for call centres focused on excellent customer service, minimising abandoned calls but having less impact on productivity.


Consulting a call centre expert is recommended for determining the best dialler for your specific needs. They can assess your requirements and make appropriate recommendations.

Predictive Diallers: A Guide to the Benefits

Increased Productivity

Predictive diallers can increase call volume by automatically dialling numbers and connecting them to available agents. Agents can focus on customers more if they don't need to spend time dialling numbers or doing admin tasks.

For example, let's say that an agent can make 10 calls per hour by manually dialling numbers. With a predictive dialler, the agent can make 15 calls per hour. The agent can make 50% more calls per hour, which makes their work more productive. Depending on the type of call, this volume could be much higher!

Predictive diallers not only boost productivity but also enhance customer satisfaction. Agents can interact more with customers when they're not dialling numbers. This can make customers happier, so they keep coming back. This builds loyalty and satisfaction. 


Cost Efficiencies

Using predictive diallers can lower call centre costs in two ways - by reducing abandoned calls and by increasing agent productivity.

Calls that end before agents can talk to customers are called abandoned calls. Using predictive diallers can lower the number of people hanging up calls. They work by dialling numbers automatically and connecting them to agents in no time. This means agents are more likely to pick up calls, which decreases the number of people who hang up. 

Predictive diallers improve agent productivity by dialling numbers automatically and connecting them to available agents. Agents can focus more on customers if they are freed up from administrative tasks like dialling numbers. This can lead to increased productivity, which can help reduce call centre costs.


Proactive Customer Service

Businesses can enhance customer service by using predictive dialers to proactively reach out to customers before issues arise. This approach improves customer satisfaction and loyalty.

For instance, a business can utilise a predictive dialler to automatically contact customers and remind them about their upcoming bills. This ensures that customers are informed and can make timely payments.

Proactive customer service boosts satisfaction and loyalty, as it demonstrates a business's commitment to going above and beyond to assist customers.

How MaxContact Can Help You

MaxContact is a leading provider of predictive dialers and other call centre solutions. We help businesses improve their call centre operations by increasing agent productivity, reducing call abandonment rates, improving customer satisfaction, and collecting more data. Our predictive diallers are easy to use and scalable, and we offer a variety of training and support options. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help improve your call centre operations.


MaxContact can help your call centre:


  • Increase agent productivity by over 30%
  • Reduce call abandonment rates by up to 50%
  • Improve customer satisfaction by up to 20%
  • Collect more data


To learn more about how MaxContact can help you, please visit our website or request a demo.