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How Do Predictive Diallers Work?

Predictive Diallers_Blog ImagePredictive diallers are among the most effective auto-dialler tools in a call centre's arsenal. They allow agents to make more calls in less time, leading to more sales and better customer service.

Predictive diallers raise call centre agents' efficiency by reducing the time they spend waiting for calls. In addition, the system can screen out busy signals and disconnected numbers.

In the 1980s, the first predictive diallers debuted and were mainly used in the banking sector for debt collection. Overall, predictive diallers helped improve agent productivity and caller experience.

Here's everything you need to know about predictive diallers, including how they work and what they can do for your business. Plus, you'll get to learn about predictive vs progressive diallers.


What Is a Predictive Dialler?

A predictive dialler is a system that automatically dials telephone numbers. Call centres use predictive diallers primarily to increase the number of live connections made by agents. These diallers also reduce the amount of time spent on unproductive calls.

Predictive diallers aim to make as many phone calls as possible in little time. The most effective predictive dialler software uses sophisticated algorithms to reduce hold times, increase productive conversation time, and maximize dialler output for high-volume call centres.


How Does a Predictive Dialler Work?

Working in a call centre is much more efficient due to predictive diallers. But how does a predictive dialler work?

The dialler makes phone calls on behalf of the agent, calling numbers at a time predicted to be convenient for the agent. It employs a pacing algorithm for this purpose.

The pacing algorithm in predictive dialler software determines the length of a typical phone conversation and the number of times one must dial before connecting with the intended recipient. It adjusts the calling rate based on the information it gathers.

Agent availability, individual stage completion rates, and call list quality are variables considered in the pacing algorithm.

Predictive diallers make phone calls without requiring agents to look up numbers manually. Live calls have better flow since numbers are dialled simultaneously, resulting in minimum disruptions.

Furthermore, predictive diallers can examine dropped calls to determine which customers need re-contacting and notify agents accordingly. Using call metrics for data collection and monitoring operations allows for easier management of several campaigns.

Predictive diallers at call centres can contact agents as soon as they indicate they are available automatically. Once connected to a person, the call information and script will pop up on the screen.


AutoDialler Diagram 

What Is Predictive Dialler Software?

Predictive dialler software screens incoming calls and estimates when operators in a call centre will be free to take them based on historical data from such calls. It allows users to import contact lists, make mass calls, check for voicemails and busy signals, and much more.

The software behind predictive diallers can vary, and many software providers offer this type of service.

The most important thing to consider when choosing a predictive dialler is the offered features. Some features include integrating with the existing CRM system, scalability, and call recording. So review carefully the different offerings to ensure you'll get the essential elements for your operation.

Are Predictive Diallers Legal?

Yes, predictive diallers are legal in Australia. However, there are laws created to moderate unsolicited calls. These include the Australia Consumer Law, the Spam Act of 2003, and the Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code. Australian laws generally prohibit automated calls if not authorized by the recipient.


What Are the Benefits of a Predictive Dialler?

There are many advantages to incorporating a predictive dialler into your call centre operation. These include:

Increased Efficiency

Predictive diallers prevent call centre employees from wasting time on busy signals, voicemails, and wrong numbers by identifying when there's a live contact.

Increased Calls

Businesses may get in touch with more individuals in less time by rapidly phoning several numbers for each contact in a database.

Enhancing the Customer Journey

Predictive diallers limit calls depending on the time of day, geographic location, and other factors to avoid upsetting current or future customers. In addition, they make it possible for agents to arrange call-backs at the customers' most convenient times.

Better DNC Compliance

Predictive diallers include Do Not Call (DNC) compliance, eliminating the need for manual and error-prone processes. 


What Is Important When Looking for a Predictive Dialler?

Predictive diallers are a vital tool for call centres. They can help boost efficiency and productivity by automating the dialling process. When looking for a predictive dialler, remember a few things:

  • First, the dialler must seamlessly integrate with your existing phone system. This will ensure that it is in sync with your current call centre software and hardware.
  • Second, you need to consider the features that are important to you. Some predictive diallers come with features such as automatic call recording and real-time reporting. These can be very useful, so check what each dialler offers before deciding.
  • Another vital factor is accessibility. A predictive dialler should be easy to set up. 
  • Finally, consider the price of the dialler. While many of them are affordable, some can be expensive.

MaxContact offers a predictive dialler solution that ticks the above factors. If you want to improve your business's customer engagement, contact us today.


Progressive Dialler vs Predictive Dialling: Which Is Better?

Predictive and progressive diallers are two popular options for those in the call centre industry. But which one is better? Let's compare the two types of diallers to help you decide for your business.

Predictive diallers can make more calls per hour than human operators. This is because they can automatically redial numbers that are busy or that go to voicemail. They also can leave automatic messages. Predictive diallers are valuable in many industries, like travel, banking, and debt collection, but are primarily used in outbound call centres.


  • Can call more than one phone number at the same time
  • Help agents become more productive and cut down on their downtime
  • Process more calls with fewer staff


  • Cause prospects to call before there's an available agent to answer 
  • Agents might take longer to respond
  • Lead to agent fatigue

On the other hand, Progressive diallers only connect calls when an operator is available to talk. This means that calls are made less often, but when they are, the operator can speak to the customer immediately. Some examples of businesses well-suited for progressive dealers include grocery stores, fast food restaurants, and retail establishments. 


  • Cut down on customer hold-ups
  • Let people interact in a more personal way
  • Improve agent productivity and talk time


  • Agents don't have enough time between calls
  • Agents must call many numbers before they reach a real person
  • Make fewer calls and have less reach than predictive diallers

Which Dialler Is Better?

So which is the better choice when comparing progressive dialler vs predictive dialling? It comes down to the call centre's needs and priorities. Predictive dialling is the better option for call centres with less staff but high-volume calls. Progressive diallers are a better fit for centres that would like customer interactions to have more depth.

Whether you choose a progressive or predictive dialler, you should opt for a trusted provider. MaxContact offers customer engagement solutions that fit every situation. Request a demo today.

Daniel Harding
Post by Daniel Harding
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