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Integrate your technology stack with MaxContact  

Integrating your business software systems into one wholistic view.

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What is Call Centre Software integrations?

Deliver a seamless customer experience when you integrate MaxContact into your technology ecosystem. The modern business relies on many different technologies from business communications to CRMs, payment gateways and everything in-between. Having a technology stack that is in-sync is paramount when delivering an outstanding experience.

Why Choose Max Contact for Software Integrations?

With an experienced in-house development team at hand, MaxContact is equipped to add integrations to your platform. Whether it is a well-known CRM, a bespoke app or a global payment merchant our team is equipped to get you connected for a smoother work process.

We’ll have your systems in-line to ensure that your team saves precious time and has a better experience.

Common Integration Scenarios

Integrations can come in many shapes and sizes. Common examples are;

CRM & Support Desks

Logging updated customer information in CRMs is vital to ensure that business operation runs smoothly. The CRM is often the source of truth for a business and is equipped with workflows that trigger customer orders, invoices, marketing emails and much more. When you integrate this with your contact centre you are empowering agents to deliver a best-in-class service, whilst also making their days easier!

Payment Gateways

Taking payments in a secure and compliant manner is critical for businesses. The modern consumer expects to be safe when making payments and this is where MaxContact’s PCI-DSS payment portal comes into play. Smoothly integrated with 40 payment gateways from across the Globe, you can be sure that we’re equipped to drive revenue to your business.


We only work with the best technology and telecoms providers to guarantee the best call quality with a stable platform.

Data and Reporting

A contact centre is a haven for data and can uncover amazing insights that can empower business decisions. We can provide you with the tools and connections you need to have 100% visibility and get as granular as you need.

How It Works

Most Integrations are API driven. This is the process of sending data from one system to another and making it available in one location.

We have a list of strategic Integrations.

We start with a conversation to understand your needs and vision for the integration and work with your teams to deliver this.  


Key Benefits of MaxContact for Enterprise Organizations

Enterprise organisations can often have a large technology stack that can cover CRMs, Customer Support Portals, Booking Systems, HR Portals, Payment Gateways and much more.

MaxContact is designed to be adaptable and connect with these systems. The term “integration” can often be a soft term as no two integrations are often the same. Instead, when we integrate with your systems we sit down and ask you...

“What does this integration look like for you?”

This gives us a clear picture of how you envision the integration working in terms of what it will do for the end user. We’re all about improving the user experience and making sure that the integration adds value to your business.

Overall, a clearly defined integration should deliver the key benefits of;

- A better customer experience
- A smoother agent experience
- Cost savings based on
- Improved handling time
- Less double handling
- Less human errors
- A better business operation

Our Other Integrations & Features

We never stand still. Businesses are continually investing in new technologies, and we continue to integrate to ensure that we are at the forefront. We have developed strategic integrations with some of the leading brands in their fields. This ensures that when a customer has an integration requirement, we are equipped to take on the task and deliver a smooth experience.
Softwares that we integrate with


Potentially. Our team have done many integrations with custom software. The first stage is to start a conversation to see what can be achieved.

All of our integration work is carried out by our in-house development team.

MS Teams -  Integrate your Microsoft Teams instance into MaxContact so that your team can see the presence of colleagues on MS Teams and utilise the benefits of both systems working in tandem.

CRM & Support Channels - Integrating with CRMs gives the business full visitbilty of the customers’ history with the organistation. MaxContact integrates with global plaftorms such as SalesForce, HubSpot and Zoho.. plus many more, including bespoke systems. 

Payment Portals - Take advantage of our strategic partnership with access to over 40 payment payment gateways. With secure API connections you can compliantly take payments over the phone without any issues.

Infrastructure - MaxContact only works with the best Global call carriers and tech providers to give you a stable and robust infrastructure. 

Data and intelligent reporting suites - Utilise our API-driven data and insight tools to build advanced reporting and anayltic suites, designed to make the best decisions possible for your business.

What else do we offer?

Other Solutions Available

Check out what other solutions are available within MaxContact and how they can help grow your business.

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