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Meet MaxContact: James Allen

As part of our Meet MaxContact series, we're turning the focus on ourselves and our clients to give you a little insight into the people that make up MaxContact. The New year has been a busy start for us here at MaxContact. We welcomed 2 new staff members. Firstly, let us introduce James.  


How long have you been with MaxContact?

9 days 


What is your death row meal?

Steak, chips, asparagus with peppercorn sauce. (Large glass of Red)


Favourite dad/mum joke?

Why do Norwegian boats have barcodes on them?

So when they return to dock, you can Scan-da-navy-in. (Better said in person - I promise.)


Favourite sporting team? 

Torquay United


Favourite playlist/podcast at the moment? 

Podcast - Podcast secrets of the Pharaohs.

Playlist - Skinty Fia


Go-to karaoke song? 

Sham Rock - Tell Me Ma


Top 3 celebrities (dead or alive) that you'd invite over for dinner? 

Tiger Woods

Leonardo Da Vinci

Shane Warne 


Favourite movie quote? 

Its a league game Smokey.


Top 3 concerts you've ever been to?

Liam Gallagher/Gerry Cinamon - Margate Court Arena

Fontaines D.C - Corner Hotel

Shy F.x - Lemonfest


The next destination to travel to on your list? and why?

India - Always wanted to see and experience life in a country that mad about Cricket.