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Debt Collection Call Script Examples

Debt Collection_Blog ImageDebt collection calls can be awkward if your call agents handle them in such a way that your client feels cornered! Fortunately, such calls can be dealt with strategically with advanced scripting tools. Using a customised debt collection call script guides your call agent to make calls that result in the best outcome for you and your client. 

With advanced scripting tools, you can tailor scripts that align with your business values while ensuring overdue invoices and follow-up calls are handled successfully. Your collection calls can gather critical information in a non-aggressive manner while reminding your customers that they need to make a payment.

Our effective call centre scripts not only guide your agents to have constructive conversations with your clients. But they encourage customers to pay on time or make payments on outstanding invoices sooner rather than later! 

This guide introduces Australian regulations stipulating what debt collectors can and can't do when making a collection call. We've included three best debt collection calls script examples to make your life easier too!  

Keep reading to learn more about how your business can collect overdue invoices from customers and companies efficiently and effectively while staying on the right side of the law!

First, the Regulations…

An effective debt collection call script is about balance, allowing your agents to be forceful but polite simultaneously. Knowing what to say when a customer answers a debt collection call enables the agent to be efficient and professional while keeping regulations in mind. 

Familiarising yourself with debt collectors' regulations ensures you're doing the right thing when handling debtors. Key points to consider:


  • It is illegal to harass a debtor verbally or physically. They have to be dealt with courtesy and respect.
  • Contact the debtor between 9am - 8pm or when it is convenient for them.
  • You may not use a false identity to force the debtor.
  • You need to provide correct information about the amount due, the name of the creditor, and their right to collect the debt.
  • You may call the debtor to agree on a payment plan.
  • You may contact the debtor to inquire why the debtor has not followed the agreed payment plan.
  • A written notice must be sent to the debtor within five days of their contact. The notice should have information regarding the amount owed and the rights of the creditor. 


Acceptable reasons for making a debt collection call include informing the debtor of the amount owed, explaining the consequences of not making a payment and reviewing payment plans. Read what ACCC says before calling customers or businesses for outstanding debts for more information on the Australian debt collection regulations. 


Best Debt Collection Call Script Examples

Here are some examples of a script for debt collection calls for both customers and businesses owing money. Adapt these scripts based on particular circumstances to guide your call agents accordingly. Working with a debt collection call script sample ensures your agents abide by the regulations while being persuasive and courteous. 


Script 1: An Overdue Bill for a Customer

Agent: Hello! This is John from (company). Am I speaking to Jane (the debtor)? (if yes, proceed)

Agent: Thank you, Jane. I'm calling about an overdue bill. Can I verify some information to ensure I'm speaking to the right person? (verify information) 

Agent: We have a debt of (amount) in your name, and it's been due since (date). I know it's easy to forget to pay bills but let's sort it out today. Do you have any questions? (answer queries)

Agent: How do you intend to pay? (listen to answers and offer solutions if necessary)


If the debtor says she'll pay by the end of the day, respond by saying you'll follow up the next day to ensure there have been no problems with the payment process. 


Script 2: Outstanding Bill for a Business

Agent: Am I speaking to Jane Smith? (when you've reached the correct department. If yes, proceed)

Agent: Good day; my name is John from (company). I'm calling about an outstanding debt of (amount) with your organisation. How do you intend to pay this balance? (listen to the answers and, if necessary, offer different solutions)

Debtor: We'll pay by (payment method) by the end of the week.

Agent: Thank you for your cooperation, and I'll note your response in our system. Have a good day. 


Pausing and listening to the responses are essential. You'll be able to gauge whether there are financial issues and whether the business intends to pay. 


Script 3: The Follow-Up Call

Agent: Good morning; this is John from (company. Is this Jane (the debtor)? (if yes, proceed)

Agent: Hello Jane, I called you yesterday about an overdue bill. I see you still need to make a payment. Are you having trouble making this payment? (If not, explain that the payment must be made to avoid further escalation. If yes, take her through the different options for making payment). 


Be prepared with answers for handling common excuses to avoid further delay when completing payment. Your debt collection call script must include committing the debtor to make a payment by a specific date to prevent further escalation. 


Get Advanced Scripting Solutions

Having the proper debt collection call script for different scenarios gives your call agents the confidence to handle most responses in a compelling but respectful manner. Knowing what debt collectors can do within the AU standards keeps your call centre above board while recovering outstanding payments. 

Advanced scripting solutions include several debt collection call script examples that'll guide your agents to gather critical information while being civil but effective. Tailored scripts that speak to a specific business ethos give the agent a better structure when conducting a collection call. 


Our scripting services at MaxContact include advanced tools for improving call centre communications while getting the ultimate result you're seeking from your debt collectors. What's more, they'll know what and what not to say when dealing with clients who have outstanding invoices. 

Contact us today and let our friendly team talk you through cost-effective debt collection call centre solutions with a functional and reliable platform. You can also request a demo for more information!

Daniel Harding
Post by Daniel Harding
Daniel is the Director of MaxContact Australia. Since launching the business in Australia with its first clients in 2019, it has rapidly grown to become the solution of choice for businesses across Australia and New Zealand. Daniel has a comittment to ensuring that MaxContact Australia continues to grow whilst delivering value for all customers.