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Case Study - Symmetry HR

Symmetry Human Resources' vision is to be the best Recruitment and Human Resources business with the market sectors which they operate. To achieve this outcome they recognised that they had to hire, retain and develop their internal team into the best employees within the Recruitment Industry.

Symmetry HR

The Challenge

Symmetry have an appointment setting team, called The Connect Team, who make calls to businesses across Australia and book appointments for their field reps (BDMs).

Whilst this had worked for Symmetry HR, it was very manual and including dialling from an Excel sheet which had been exported from the CRM. This then required The Connect Team to key updates on the Excel sheet, update the CRM and manually send booking appointments via Outlook.

MaxContact were engaged to see if we could streamline this process, increase productivity and subsequently increase the amount of appointments that The Connect Team set for the BDMs.


“We were looking for a vendor that we could truly partner and scale with. working with MaxContact has enabled us to do just that. We know if we have a question, or a new idea, then the maxcontact team will work with us to deliver.”    Matthew Walton Chief Sales & Marketing Director.


Symmetry HR

The Process

MaxContact were engaged by Symmetry HR, via a partner, to showcase the system and demonstrate how the solution would benefit the business.

Symmetry HR were keen to cover some key aspects;

  • Ease of use for the Connect Team - they didn't want an extra system to learn on top of their current work load.
  • Automation - Symmetry HR wanted to automate as many processes as they could for the Connect Team so that they could concentrate on what they do best, setting appointments.
  • Visibility - Prior to using MaxContact, Symmetry HR had no visibility on what was happening with the Connect Team. They wanted to see real time information and clear reports so that they could get a better handle on the productiveness of the team

After going through the demonstration and subsequent meetings it was clear to the Symmetry HR team that MaxContact could deliver, and exceed, their expectations. It was also clear to Symmetry HR that they were partnering with a vendor who would work closely to understand their business and help to continously get the best out of the system.


“We have gone from manually calling disconnected numbers and or no answers to not having any, as the dialler sorts it out. This means we are speaking to more potential customers every day."   Matthew Walton Chief Sales & Marketing Director.


Symmetry HR

The Results

Symmetry HR have seen a huge increase in all of their key metrics since implementing the MaxContact solution. Importantly, they have also crossed off their main requirements;

  • Ease of use for the Connect Team - The team took to the solution quickly and have found their productivity rate has greatly increased. Even with switching to home working and increasing the teams size, they have worked seamlessly with the solution.
  • Automation - When the Connect Team set an appointment they now send an automated email via the script, to the BDM to confirm all key details for the appointment. This has meant that no information is lost and there is no need for duplicating data entry in different systems. All of Symmetry HR's reports are automated in MaxContact so they are received at a time, and format, that suits the recipient.
  • Visibility - Symmetry HR now have full, real time visibility of what is happening on the system via the unlimited, fully bespoke dashboards and wallboards that come with MaxContact. This has enabled management to understand what is going on with the Connect Team, which has been even more important since they switched to home working.