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Case Study - Health CX

Health CX is a fully owned and managed Australian business. Headquartered in Sydney, with clients across Australia and New Zealand, their team recognises that one size does not fit all in the allied health and veterinary industries and are passionate about customising their products and services to suit each individual need 

Health CX

The Challenge

Health CX had been using a number of different systems to handle their data, workflows and call traffic.  Health CX used Excel and mobile phones to handle call volumes and log activities, they also used a workflow management package to allocate outbound calls for the Customer Insights Program (CIP). 

This had worked for Health CX, but as the business and number of clients began to grow, they wanted to explore using a true cloud contact centre solution that allowed them to scale up, streamline their processes and also increase their customer experience offerings.

After juggling multiple solutions, and providers, Health CX were looking to converge into one solution that could provide both the software and the telco requirements.


"The decision to select MaxContact followed a market evaluation during which time we were impressed with the solution’s ease of use and rich feature functionality. At the same time, we appreciated that its ability to rapidly deploy in the cloud would give us the flexibility to expand with additional sites over time and continue to enable our agents to work from home"   Michael Mckeand - Founder Director


Health CX

The Process

Health CX went to market and contacted several vendors who they thought could meet their requirements.

As a growing business, Health CX were looking to partner with a vendor that understood their needs today and could also grow with them as they expanded into the future. This included future-proofing the technology as Health CX role out digital channels to their clients.

Key requirements for Health CX were: 

  • Ability for agents to work from home.
  • Ease of use. Visibility of information for management .
  • Inbound and outbound blended environment for agent productivity.
  • Future proofing with digital channels.


"We were able to set up the system on our own without having a dedicated IT person but we were also deeply impressed with the MaxContact technical team who took the time to understand our business and provide a solution scoped to match our business objectives.”   Michael Mckeand - Founder Director


Health CX

The Results

Since onboarding MaxContact, Health CX have continued to grow seeing them increase their client base along the East Coast of Australia for their V-Care program. This program takes the stress away for practice owners – knowing the CX specialists are handling their customer interactions and allowing the veterinary staff to focus on what they do best – looking after our furry friends. 

MaxContact’s impressive outbound dialler has enabled Health CX to ramp up their outbound CIP, connecting with more practices more often, and boosting agent productivity. These campaigns are customer service campaigns for veterinary services, think of it like mystery shopping but over the phone. 

Health CX have been able to employ the best customer experience representatives with their state-of-the-art cloud-based contact centre solution meaning that staff can be working anywhere in Australia – providing the best possible services for their


"The dialler speed is so fast that it enables us to manage more calls and generate reports in real-time enabling any changes at the vet surgery itself to happen at lightning speed."   Michael Mckeand - Founder Director