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MaxContact's Referral Programme

Introduce someone who you think will benefit from using the MaxContact platform, and earn monthly revenue. 


For referring someone, you can choose one of the below with the amount applied per license....



$10 off your Bill


$10 Charity Donation


$10 Cash

An Example Referral

By referring a company that has 20 users and commits to a two-year agreement, you would be rewarded with $200 per month, and nearly $5000 across the life of the contract.

Terms and conditions apply. The referral amount depends on a minimum license fee and contract commitment. We calculate the referral fee on a case by case basis.

Just in case you need even more reasons to refer a friend…

Lower Pricing

The larger the MaxContact community = the higher the consumption of calls, SMS, WhatsApp messages which are sent. Which means we have more power to keep your costs as low as possible. 

Help Others

Help out others who could potentially be paying one of the global providers an extortionate amount of money for under par service.


Deliver Roadmap Faster

As MaxContact grows it means we can invest more into delivering our product roadmap even faster with new features and functionality that you receive as part of your software upgrades.



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