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How analysing your contact centre data can strengthen your business

Are you sitting atop a valuable, untapped commodity? Data is frequently referred to as ‘the new oil’ because of the extraordinary value it can generate. Not in its raw form, but refined and analysed to produce business insights.

Large enterprises know this. They’re using data to cut costs, improve their processes, products and customer service, and make better decisions.

Small and medium-sized enterprises can enjoy similar advantages, by exploiting the data they collect via their contact centre platforms.

Determining which insights matter most

Working out the type of insights that will deliver maximum benefit to your enterprise is the first step on the path to becoming a data-driven enterprise. Fail to do so and you risk ‘drowning in the data’, given your contact centre is awash with the stuff and can potentially generate hundreds of detailed reports.

Considering the line of business you’re in and the contact centre’s primary purpose – customer service hub, revenue collection engine or outbound sales centre? – will help you determine what to home in on first.

Clocking the benefits

For some businesses, it will be digital marketing. Examining contact centre activity patterns immediately after you launch an offer can help you to gauge whether it’s resonating with customers and leading to enquiries and sales. Armed with those insights, you’re in a better position to refine the focus and timing of future campaigns.

Getting maximum value out of the money you spend on human resources – by far the greatest cost associated with running a contact centre – is also easier when you dive into the data. Analysing your interaction volumes will help you to roster the number of agents you need, at the right times of the day and week, to hit service level targets without spending a dollar more than you need to.

And if you’d like to monitor how well your team carries out its remit – interacting with customers in a way that reflects positively on your business – you can do so through the use of speech analytics technology. By highlighting positive and negative words and phrases, you’re able to gauge the sentiment in calls without having to listen in on each and every one.

Forging ahead with data

Australian businesses of all sizes are realising the power of data. Why not join them by using your contact centre’s analytics capabilities to gain greater insight into your operations?

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