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Elliot Debinski

Elliot Debinski - Author

Elliot is a Contact Centre solutions enthusiast with a genuine passion for working in the industry. Elliot is equipped with knowledge beyond his years, having worked for international vendors, and has aptitude for customer and employee experience. Beyond technical solutions, Elliot focuses on the human experience. His journey has been shaped by two key areas: gamification and workforce flexibility. As a people person who thrives on human connection, Elliot is committed to understanding what individuals truly need in their work environments to thrive.

Elliot began in the captivating world of gamification. At Centrical (formerly known as GamEffective), he immersed himself in creating a connected employee experience. His mission? To inspire individual success and growth through guided, personalized experiences. The Centrical platform powered best-in-class customer interactions for leading brands, aligning frontline agents, enhancing engagement, and optimizing performance. This story resonated with him deeply – the idea of fostering growth, focus, and skill enhancement in an enjoyable work environment drove him to explore further – something he was looking for himself.

But his journey didn’t end there. At TimeFlex by Verint (formerly known as Attune), Elliot went on to raise awareness about a radical new API product to enhance workforce management software and unlock true schedule ownership for employees. Elliot’s role centred on marketing and sales, but it wasn’t just about technology; it was about highlighting how important it is to empower frontline heroes with the tools to self-manage their rosters and own their work-life balance. As someone who values people and perspectives, this mission resonated deeply. It meant that individuals no longer had to choose between family and work – they could prioritise both. TimeFlex ensured that work had their back, allowing decisions aligned with personal lives. This purpose-driven journey fuelled Elliot’s belief in the power of technology to drive positive change in the workplace.

During his tenure at TimeFlex by Verint, Elliot completed the Workforce Management Essentials’ course by Call Design. This comprehensive training equipped him with foundational skills in forecasting, scheduling, analysis, and contingency planning.

After dipping his toes in the water, Elliot realised this was the place where he wanted to build his career – a space that aligned with his passion for people-centred technology solutions.

When he’s not immersed in the contact centre world, you’ll find Elliot at a quirky café ordering a Magic or out on the track playing footy for AJAX in the VAFA (Victorian Amateur Football Association). Sports fuels his competitive spirit and Elliot views it as a healthy release to keep him grounded. But that’s not all—Elliot’s love for nurturing growth extends beyond the workplace, he loves taking care of his indoor plants, and when the sun is high, his favourite place to be is on the beach—any beach if it isn’t windy!

As you explore MaxContact Australia’s offerings, know that Elliot stands at the intersection of people and technology.

Elliot invites you to reach out to share your thoughts, aspirations or jokes.

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Elliot Debinski

Business Development

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